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With rising air pollution influencing the Government’s Road to Zero policy, all new cars and vans will need to be effectively zero emission by 2040. Electric vehicles are an expanding part of the UK car industry with business fleet operators and personal car owners looking to reduce CO2 emissions. We provide EV products that are designed to support your EV journey from installing chargers in the workplace to personal car chargers at home, here to help your business move with the times. From simple plug and charge units, to app enabled and monitored systems, there are a range of products to suit the needs of every business.


We’re here to help you take advantage of the benefits electric vehicle charging can bring. We’ll work with you from infrastructure design, to charging point installation and maintenance. Whether sustainability, increasing productivity, or reducing your carbon footprint is important to your business, our experts are able to help you at every stage. We have solutions for a range of chargers for both electric and plug in hybrid cars and we’ll support you throughout your EV journey. 

Manufacturer supplied chargers generally, use a standard household outlet to plug into an electric vehicle. They provide power at around 3kW, and usually take approximately 12 hours for a full charge (depending on the vehicle).

Fast chargers provide power from 7kW to 22kW and can usually be found at workplaces and public charging stations but can also be installed at home. They take between 1 to 6 hours to charge an EV battery.

Rapid chargers are currently the fastest charging solution on the market and will charge the majority of EVs in around 1 to 2 hours. They are found at EV charging stations, in places like service stations, car parks and larger businesses with a large customer base.


Reduce the carbon footprint for yourself, your business and your employees

All options available, from plug and charge systems to app enabled modules whilst reducing your vehicle running costs

If you already have Solar installed, your EV charger can be run 100% from a renewable source



One of our expert engineers will take the time to visit your site to assess your suitability for Electric Car Chargers. Every site is different – so we look at the proposed installation area, your incoming supply and find out exactly what you need from your EV Chargers, to advise on what product is best.


Using the information gathered from the site survey, we will provide you with a comprehensive quotation & report.

The report will outline a detailed design of the proposed installation, proposed savings, information on the different chargers available along with different funding options available (including Capex, 0% finance options or Government approved grant*).

 Our team will strive to ensure that the monthly cost of the unit is exceeded by the savings – leaving you cash positive from day one.

*inline with current Government Grant options.



The next stage is to get your equipment installed and start saving. We have a dedicated, professional team who will complete the installation of the charging point. To avoid disruption to your business routines, we can arrange for installations to take place over a weekend or overnight.


Once your chargers are installed, we will provide you with all relevant, related guarantees.

All units have a 5 year guarantee, so rest assured your EV charger is installed and operational for the long haul.

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