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Heatsource Direct are a team of renewable energy specialists who believe that a sustainable future starts with the businesses that power our world. Our mission is to make renewable energy totally transparent so that every company can take action today for a more sustainable tomorrow.  


Heatsource Direct was founded in 2016 by brothers Chris and Tom Thurling to disrupt the energy market and change how businesses buy, use and save energy. Our belief is that every business can become sustainable whilst staying profitable.  At Heatsource, we’re pioneering technologies to reduce how much energy your business uses. Targeting specific areas of your energy eco-system such as Solar PV, LED Lighting, Voltage Optimisation, Power Factor Correction and EV Charging to ensure that saving money and saving the planet isn’t a choice.  


Heatsource Direct Limited won Best Family Run Company in North Yorkshire 2023 at the prestigious Business (UK) regional awards and a project for Ceteris Ltd has been nominated in the Scottish Property Awards 2024

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